How to Achieve a Positive Cash Flow on Rental Property

More and more developers and individuals are wanting to achieve a positive cash flow on rental property from day one of owning it. If you have a rental property, one strategy is to have a positive cash flow over the life span of holding the investment. 

If you are well-versed in the property world, you will find it easier to determine a rental property’s true potential. Therefore, you need to be an expert to calculate rental property cash flow by yourself. You only need the right data and then, subtract all your expenses from your income. 

Here’s how to compute the cash flow of the property on an annual basis: 

  • Add All Income: Identify how much you expect to make in a year in rental income. Evaluate local comparable properties in your market and determine how much you can have the property rented every month. The comparable properties will help you compute the rent for your rental property every month. You can also speak with local Realtors or property management companies for an estimate of what your subject property would rent for. 
  • Subtract all your expenses: Take the rental income and subtract any expenses you have. You should also include the mortgage here as well as the effect on income taxes paid. 

Now, there are more variables you need to take into consideration: 


Location is extremely important in real estate, especially if you’re looking for good cash flow opportunities. The location influences a property’s rental income. Additionally, an area’s short-term rental legislation can restrict Airbnb cash flow because of various permit requirements and other rules. If there are rent control laws, the rental income potential may be limited. 

Property Type and Price  

Your cash flow will depend on the type of property you have. This is because different property types such as a house or a block of units bring different potentials for earning rental income based on the number of units that can be occupied. 

The price of the property is also important because usually, they bring a higher cash flow compared to the less expensive ones.  

Rental Strategy 

Having a good rental strategy will influence good cash flow. That’s why it’s crucial you implement a good rental strategy before you put your property on the market. 

Rental Property Financing 

You have two choices when it comes to buying a rental property—either you pay in cash or have a mortgage, which can change the cash flow. If you choose a mortgage, your interest rate and what you pay monthly can affect how much money you make every month. An investment property cash flow calculator can help you understand the full effect of your financing method. 


Ensuring you have positive cash flow for your property is crucial to your success. This will make your rental property profitable and will make it worthwhile. Consider these variables, such as location, property type and price, rental strategy, and rental property financing, to implement a positive cash flow. Also, it would help if you get professional advice so you’ll not go in blind in maintaining a positive cash flow for your rental property. 

Need guidance in implementing a positive cash flow? Wardle Partners has accountants in Sunshine Coast, QLD who will help you do just that. Contact us today to learn more! 

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