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5 Practical Ways to Manage Your Business Cash Flow

Cash flow is generally categorised as the amount of money that comes in and out of your business. Recording your income and expenses helps you better manage your cash flow and plan for the future. ...

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Brisbane 2032 Olympics and Paralympics benefit to Businesses

  Brisbane will be hosting the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, making it one of the largest events ever undertaken in Queensland. Opportunities will be available to businesses across all...

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5 Compelling Reasons Why Each Business Must Have a Succession Plan

  The sudden change of leader is one of the businesses nightmares. Finding the correct person to fill in the last head’s shoes is difficult, let alone challenging for the entirety of the company....

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What an Accountant Can Do for Your Private Medical Practice

When people are asked what accountants do, they frequently mention the responsibilities of tax agents and independent auditors. This only shows how often the functions of professional accountants...

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5 Important Factors to Consider Before Selling Your Business

As a business owner, a time may come when you will have to move forward and sell your business. While not all business owners take this step, it is best to be prepared in case the need arises in the...

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Should I Get an Accountant for My Small Business?

Running a business can be quite tricky, especially when you're just starting out. From ensuring you're creating the best product or providing the best service to making sure you have your marketing...

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Strategies for Making Forecasting and Budgeting More Effective

No matter how big or small your business is, having a budget is essential. It helps you plan strategically on how to allocate necessary funds. It prevents you from getting into unfavourable...

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5 Common Bookkeeping Mistakes Made By Small Businesses

Business expansion requires a lot of resources. One such resource is bookkeeping, and many businesses neglect it.  Many business owners believe that accounting is a simple process and don’t spend...

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4 Crucial Tax Minimisation Strategies for High Income Earners

“She works hard for the money,” Donna Summer once said. Her song still resonates for most adults now. Although we do not want to share something that we worked hard for, we have to give some to the...

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What to Consider When Using Your Super for an Investment Property

The use of your super for the purchase of an investment property can be a great strategy to increase your net worth over the long term. Therefore, it must be made with great care and planning....

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