4 New Year Bookkeeping Resolutions to Improve Your Business

New Years’ resolutions are the perfect way to have a turnaround with different aspects of one’s life. Many people have a new resolve when it comes to their health and fitness, while others discipline themselves with their education or relationships in life. However, the beginning of a new year is also prime time for a business to set up a couple of resolutions as well.

Finances are an aspect that can dictate the workflow and abilities of a business to continue operating. It would be good to invest a bit of time and effort into creating a checklist of aspirations that you may have for your company and holding yourself accountable throughout each day of the coming year.

Here are a couple of New Year bookkeeping resolutions that can improve your business:

1. Conduct Trend Reviews

Plenty of business trends come and go, as we’ve seen in 2021, even outside of bookkeeping. Some may happen to stick around. There have been developments in sustainability, artificial intelligence, security measures and the like, which can take a toll on your business’s funds.

Conduct a review of these trends and see which ones are beneficial enough to continue using in the New Year. Such a move can provide you with much more knowledge and information that can propel your business to success.

2. Study Your Profits and Losses

Your profits and losses in 2021, and over the course of your business’s operations, can allow you to learn so much about how you could possibly minimise costs and maximise revenue. After all, they answer the question of what your business is doing and what the expenses are.

By studying your overheads, you may just figure out a less expensive way to continue business processes with ease. For example, allowing people to work remotely would be much more advantageous for both the employees and the company’s overall finances.

3. Hire a Good Accountant

In order to undergo the reviews and studies of your finances, it’s a must to get an excellent Sunshine Coast accountant who will help your business stay right on track throughout 2022. They’ll have the right background to make analysis much more of a breeze.

Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to invest in better bookkeeping services with the new year coming. This resolution of having a trustworthy accountant on the team can be the ideal turnaround that will take your financial situation from good to great in the long run.

4. Set Targets and Plan Ahead

Although a New Years’ resolution is all about setting goals already, making it a point to have targets and planning ahead can be a great resolve to have. It prompts you to see the financial year as a bigger picture.

Think of it as setting the scene while tweaking different details along the way. Having a separate objective for each month can lead to better customer satisfaction and higher business sales in the long run. Plus, it gives your accountants a better understanding of what’s important to you.


These tips should give you a headstart on your business plans for 2022. There are plenty of other New Year bookkeeping resolutions that your business can make to change the trajectory of your company and bring it closer to succeeding. Looking for accountants near the Sunshine Coast? Wardle Partners Accountants & Advisors are business accountants and tax experts in Caloundra that make business accounting, tax, SMSF and bookkeeping matters easy for clients. Get in touch with us today!

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