3 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Small Business Accountant

It’s often said that the only three things in life that are certain are death, taxes, and change, and for small businesses seeking growth, the latter is especially relevant. During these transitions, it’s important to have the support of a reliable Your Small Business Accountant to navigate the complexities of tax laws and regulations and ensure the smooth growth of your business.

As you work towards your long-term goal of scaling your business and pushing it to thrive, you’ll quickly realise that you’re going through a constant process of change. Whether it’s in the context of product changes, service improvements, or marketing efforts, the persistence of change is a distinct reality that any business is expected to face. 

Nearly all aspects of your operations are bound to see varying degrees of change and evolution, and your finances are especially guaranteed to experience the most shifts of all. And constant adjustments in your accounting processes will lead you to one realisation: you might have already outgrown your small business accountant

Signs You Need to Make the Switch 

Outgrowing an accountant is natural, and every growing small business goes through it. However, many decision-makers don’t recognise the need to switch until they learn the hard way. After all, financial services are built for specific conditions. This is precisely why different titles—such as “small business professional” and “corporate bookkeeper”—exist. 

Although your small business accountant may have served your needs well at the beginning of your start-up’s run, there will come a time where their advice and abilities will no longer match your needs. This often manifests in different ways that are easy to spot, such as: 

Sign #1: You Want to Shift to Cloud Accounting 

With the advent of modern technology taking industries by storm, it’s clear that your business needs to adapt accordingly, especially when it comes to cloud accounting. The problem, however, is that your business can’t seem to catch on because your hired accounting professional isn’t familiar with cloud technology. 

This means that you’ve outgrown your accountant, and it’s time to finally upgrade. 

Sign #2: You’re Need More than Just Tax Work and Occasional Advice

As you’ve probably learned by now, running a growing business entails maintaining a firm grip on your finances. Unfortunately, your accountant may not necessarily be up for the task of financial strategising because becoming more proactive and hands-on extends far past their scope of services or capabilities.

If you’re aiming to maintain total control over your business’s finances and want an accounting professional that doesn’t just see you once a year to do your taxes, then you need to hire a new expert. With the help of a more experienced and skilled accountant such as Wardle Partner’s professionals, you will have a partner that will guide you along the way with proactive advice and other tasks, like:

  • Choosing and setting up the proper business structure for your company
  • Minimising your tax and protecting your assets
  • Coaching sessions or training for better financial protocols
  • Auditing
  • Consultancy for cost reduction and process improvement

Sign #3: You Don’t Trust Your Accountant As You Used To

Although accountants are human and not infallible, being unable to trust them is an entirely different story—and this often is a sign that you need to switch soon.

To make the most out of your hired accountant, you must have a sense of imbued trust and reliability because your finances demand a hands-on approach if you want to progress. By trusting your accountant, you can have someone that you can rely upon to maintain a productive working relationship.


While there are many different ways that your business can go through necessary and formative changes, the experience of outgrowing your small business accountant is one that you can’t overlook. With this guide, you can act quickly to secure your business’s chances of success and prevent any unwanted issues in the long run.

If you’re looking for an accountant or a Sunshine Coast bookkeeper who can take care of your growing financial needs, Wardle Partners is more than happy to help. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!

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